Case - Peach Seed Jig Amber Bone XX-Changer® with Sheath #00050

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Amber Bone

The heart of the Case line lies within this classic bone handle, with rich amber and honey tones. The material is procured internationally, rendered from the hearty shin bone of Zebu cattle, a substance tough enough for the rigors of Case knife demands.



The Clip blade is extremely versatile — just the thing for those everyday tasks at work or around the house. With a sharp point for piercing, the shape allows for better control of the cutting edge.

Drop Point

The Drop Point blade is ideally suited for hunters, particularly when skinning game. This blade shape is also popular for everyday use.


The Fillet blade is a thin, flexible design intended for filleting fish and serving as an all-purpose tool.

Saw Blade

The Saw blade is a versatile tool for the hunter and outdoorsman. Great for cutting through bone or prepping wood for the campfire, this blade also features a screwdriver tip.