Beeswax Candles

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12" Taper - Natural
12" Taper - Green/White Striped
12" Taper - Dark Green
12" Taper - Ruby Red
Multi-Color Birthday Candles
Natural Birthday Candles
12" Taper - Apricot
12" Taper - Eggplant
12" Taper - Mint
12" Taper - French Blue

Beeswax is an all natural, non-toxic substance secreted by bees after they consume honey. Beeswax candles, when burned, produce negative ions that help neutralize pollutants in the air. Pure beeswax candles, with their delightfully sweet scent, turn longer and give off more light than other wax. 

  • Pure beeswax
  • Set of two 12inch tapers
  • Set of 12 "birthday" candle size available in two colors