Early American Cookery

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This amazing piece of folk history was originally published in 1896 amidst a colonial revival frenzy that swept America’s eastern seaboard in the 1890s. Determined to preserve American colonial cooking, Margaret Hooker collected quaint and curious recipes and remedies that appear to have come from “old and reliable” sources ranging from the mid 1700s to the mid 1800s. Her 266 original illustrations of cooking utensils give us a glimpse of colonial America as seen through the eyes of a young artist and teacher of 1896. This fun book includes recipes, beauty secrets, etiquette, candle making, and household hints, written in 18th century long S style print. 5 ½ x 8 ½ , 248 pages.

Recipes: Of soups, of sauces, of fish, rules to be observed in roasting meat, Poultry and game, of main dishes, of bread, buns and breakfast, cakes, of milk, butter cheese and eggs, of kitchen garden, all sorts of pastry, of puddings, creams, custards and codlings, of all sorts of cakes, confects for routs and balls, preserves, conserves and syrups, of pickling, of beverages, on the improvement of female beauty, approved secrets in physical and chirurgery, palatable dishes for the indisposed, of sundry other things.